Stella, Penny Saver

Stella, Penny Saver

Meet Stella, 28-year-old mother of two. Stella works in the accounting department, and is well loved at OneSuite for always passing on her smart saving tips. Suze Orman is her financial guru, and she lives by the motto: save a little to save a lot.

Come celebrate the grand opening of our 1Sweet Store with us and double your savings! You’re already saving up to 90% with OneSuite telecom services, now you can save up to another 90% on everyday items such as fashion accessories, communication gadgets, or electronic goods at our new online discount store.

For new customers, we're offering 10% Signup Bonus to celebrate Mother’s Day! To get the coupon code for you and your loved ones, all you've got to do is:

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Her kids may have flown the nest, and her friends may have jetted off, but now you can give mom back her social circle with OneSuite’s new app. See how Amy did it for her mom:

Amy has shown her mom how to enjoy cheap international calling with just one touch, by setting up a new OneSuite account for her as a Mother’s Day gift this year.

She downloaded the OneSuite Mobile Dialer app to mom’s smartphone, so mom can make international calls to her sister in Paris with OneSuite, directly from her phonebook contacts (here’s how for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry).

No outrageous charges from her mobile carrier, no PIN, or even Wi-Fi or data plan needed. Mom’s happy!

Friday, 08 May 2009 06:49

Don't Forget To Call Mom!

Just a friendly reminder to all of you, that it's Mother's Day this Sunday. If you can't be with your mom this weekend,  don't forget to call!

Your Smart Alternative in Communications just got a smarter new look!  OneSuite’s mini facelift reveals a slick presentation of our service offerings; and the latest coupon center is only a taste of what’s to come.  How do these changes benefit you?  Read on and get the lowdown…


OneSuite Facelift

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