01 Jul 2013
Happy traveling, savvy calling…and vice versa

Want to stay connected without going broke this travel season? No matter where you go, with or without Internet, OneSuite offers unbeatable low rates and worldwide coverage for you to reach friends, family and colleagues.

All OneSuite users can use the following methods to make call worldwide, subscription-free. SuiteAdvantage subscribers will also be able to receive FREE calls and voicemail worldwide on their SuiteAdvantage phone number, using the OneSuite VoIP app or computer softphone!

06 May 2009

OneSuite has been known for its super low rates, but can you take advantage of the low rates if there’s no local access number in your area? Sure! For those of you who have been dialing out from our toll-free numbers, you can make calls at local access rates through our Broadband Access. It’s easy, simple and FREE!

04 May 2009

efax_globe_webIf you are like me who’s always on the road and doing business mostly from my hotel room, you’ll find sending and receiving fax a problem. Yes some hotels have their own fax service but it’s kinda frustrating to give different fax numbers all the time. Security is also an issue because someone might read your fax before you do.

01 May 2009

LOL!  Gotta applaud the video creator’s sense of humor, but I also empathize for his international roaming horror.  I’m sure that’s not the first horror story you’ve heard about international roaming bills either! 

23 Apr 2009

longdistanceloveMaintaining a long-distance relationship is never easy. My long-distance love affair with my wife began a few years ago when I became a senior business consultant and had to travel internationally on a regular basis. It went ok in the beginning but pretty soon my wife started complaining about not hearing from me often enough. So to compensate for those weeks that I’m not at home, I make it to a point to call her everyday, even if that means a couple of hundred dollars more on my phone bill.