07 May 2009

How to Dial 4 Keys to Make International Calls

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The Marketing Department recently made a datamine request to evaluate our user behaviors and product features. There are some pretty interesting and surprising findings. The most shocking fact to me, is that we find out a great deal of OneSuite customers are still dialing some 20 to 30 numbers to make one international call! wah..

I guess old habits die hard, especially for some customers who only use their accounts sparingly. But for those who are sick of punching wrong phone numbers, or always having to login to check your PINs before making a call, our ZipDial (PINless dialing) and RapiDial (phonebook) feature only take 3 minutes to set up:

1. Login to My Account, go to PIN Management under Long Distance Service;

2. Change your PINs info;

3. Enter up to 3 ZipDial numbers (This can be your cell phone number, home phone number, or business phone number, whichever you use to access OneSuite network most frequently.)


4. Then go to RapiDial/Phonebook under Long Distance Service;

5. Enter the destination number, and assign a two-digit code from 10 to 60 for that number. For international numbers, enter 011+country code + city code + phone number.


Then just save OneSuite local or toll-free access numbers in your speedial (I save more than a few access numbers in case I get busy tones), then start making long-distance calls in just 4 keys:

1. Speedial OneSuite access number;

2. OneSuite system automatically recognizes your ZipDial number, and prompts you to enter destination number;

3. Enter two-digit code for the destination number, then press #.

Just one thing, though. If your cell phone has caller-ID block set up, our system cannot recognize your number. You’ll need to press *82 to deactivate caller-ID block before dialing the access number.


  • Comment Link Ming, Gossip Girl Friday, 16 October 2015 16:40 posted by Ming, Gossip Girl

    Hi William,

    Yes, Where ever you use OneSuite. Always dial as if you are dialing from the U.S.. Calling anywhere outside of the U.S. or Canada, please always dial 011 and then country code.

  • Comment Link william Friday, 12 June 2015 09:15 posted by william

    Hi, i have tried calling numbers and it keeps tellimg me it is not a valid phone number... for international calls do I dial 011 then country code?

  • Comment Link Ming, Gossip Girl Monday, 05 March 2012 04:10 posted by Ming, Gossip Girl

    Hi ML,

    Can you let me know what phone you are using, and which version OS (for the phone) and which version of the app you have?

    We tested out your scenario on both iphone and android, but we're not seeing the issue right now.

    You can go ahead and email marketing@onesuite.com with your username and email address, so we can tourbleshoot this for you and get it fix soon!

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Comment Link ML Sunday, 04 March 2012 07:32 posted by ML

    hi,I downloaded this app and followed all the steps. When I am trying to use it, it keeps saying "I am sorry, that is not a valid phone number." If I just dial the local access number and manually type in the phone number, it works. However, if I retrieve the same phone number from my contact list and use this app, it says it is not a valid phone number. I set up the number as 0118621XXXXXXXX

  • Comment Link Michael, Tech Guy Tuesday, 18 October 2011 14:21 posted by Michael, Tech Guy

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. Because of your feedback we had a chance to look deeper into the problem and have found that it's an iOS5 bug. There are similar complaints online from other developers regarding iOS5. We're currently working on a fix so that you can use our app before Apple releases an update. Really sorry that you won't be able to use our app in the time being.


  • Comment Link Jim Monday, 17 October 2011 09:16 posted by Jim

    I am trying touse your Iphone app and it appears that the app is adding a 77 in the middle of the dialing string and therfore not processing the number correctly. Any suggestions

  • Comment Link Ming, Gossip Girl Monday, 25 April 2011 09:33 posted by Ming, Gossip Girl

    Hi Juan,

    There's a 10 digit limit when setting up ZipDial with OneSuite, in which case it might not work for phone numbers outside of U.S. or Canada.

    But try using PINDail when calling from your Mexico number. Your PIN is generated based on your registered phone number, which would be easier for you to remember.

    Thank you for choosing OneSuite.


  • Comment Link Juan Rudametkin Sunday, 24 April 2011 06:40 posted by Juan Rudametkin

    Hi there! Having just activated a OneSuite account from Mexico, I've registered my ZipDial numbers, yet when I dial the Mexico access number (0018005141125), I am prompted for my PIN number.

    Therefore, my questions are two: Does ZipDial work with numbers outside the USA or Canada? If they do, what is the correct procedure to register them? The ZipDial registry page will only accept ten digits, so that the international and country prefixes (011 + 52) cannot be typed into the dialog box.

    Thank you very much for your time!

  • Comment Link Michael, Tech Guy Thursday, 14 April 2011 03:12 posted by Michael, Tech Guy

    Hello Harvey,

    Let's go through your questions one by one:

    1. To find PIN Management, please log in to your OneSuite account, find the menu links to your left hand side > find Long Distance > PIN Management. If you've previously set up RapiDial, hopefully you'll have less trouble finding it, it's a very similar route

    2. Yes, you can still use RapiDial number, just enter your 2 digit RapiDial number on the dialpad, and press call.

    3. We suggest you turn on Quick Dial Mode (for more on what it is, read our FAQ(http://www.onesuite.com/m/faq_dialer_iphone.asp#4)). We also suggest you set up ZipDial, and leave your Account Number (PIN) blank for a faster connection.

    Hope this helps. Keep us updated if you have more questions!


  • Comment Link Harvey Price Wednesday, 13 April 2011 14:34 posted by Harvey Price

    I see Settings on my iPhone app, but can't find Pin Management anywhere on the screen.

    Also, I already many numbers set for Rapid Dial on my website which I use. Do I have to reset them on the iPhone?

    I entered my PIN. Should I turn on the Quick Dial Mode? I assume I need not enter the Zip Dial, wherever that is to be found on the App.

    Your instructions are very confusing and unclear.

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