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OneSuite is a fun place. We’re a bunch of like-minded people who believe in the old virtue of frugality, while not compromising on modern-day quality. We are encouraged to share or gripe about our everyday experiences with communication gadgets and platforms, as our product development is partially based on such. As additional perks, we also provide our customers savings from top e-tailers by sharing free coupons, promotional codes and printable coupons here at this blog.

At Perk Up!, there are always cool ideas, great deals, product comparisons, and new discoveries flying around. Now instead of keeping the rant and rave in the meeting room, we thought we’d turn that into perks to benefit the users in the form of blogging on user tips for international long distance calls, internet fax services, toll-free services, call forwarding and VoIP. Finding industry scoops and great deals here at Perk Up! is just part of the joy of being a OneSuite member.

Perk Up! is where OneSuite members share their professional knowledge about our products, observation about the industry, and saving tips for your communication needs. If you also have ideas and thoughts to comment, feel free to do so. Discussions and comments relevant to the topics are welcome. Off-topic comments or attacks will be removed at OneSuite’s sole discretion. Please also understand that, depending on the questions asked, it might take our writers some time to respond to your comments.