Stella, Penny Saver

Stella, Penny Saver

Meet Stella, 28-year-old mother of two. Stella works in the accounting department, and is well loved at OneSuite for always passing on her smart saving tips. Suze Orman is her financial guru, and she lives by the motto: save a little to save a lot.

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 11:27

Up to 67% Rate Reduction


Awesome news! With our newly reduced VoIP (broadband access included) rates across over 20 destinations, you can catch up with your favorite people, for a lot less!

OneSuite + Obihai = Smart Alternative for Your Home Phone Service

If you are a Google Voice user with an Obihai device, your free home phone service will come to an end on May 15th, as a result of Google ending support for the XMPP protocol.

But don’t worry. Come to OneSuite, where you will find a smart alternative for your home phone service from just $2.95/month! And enjoy an exclusive special offer only available to OBi users!

Sunday, 22 December 2013 23:47

10% bonus right on time for the holidays!


Get ready for the holidays! Treat yourself to this extra 10% bonus for signup and recharge:

Happy traveling, savvy calling…and vice versa

Want to stay connected without going broke this travel season? No matter where you go, with or without Internet, OneSuite offers unbeatable low rates and worldwide coverage for you to reach friends, family and colleagues.

All OneSuite users can use the following methods to make call worldwide, subscription-free. SuiteAdvantage subscribers will also be able to receive FREE calls and voicemail worldwide on their SuiteAdvantage phone number, using the OneSuite VoIP app or computer softphone!

Talk your way into winning an iPad Mini

OneSuite is giving away an iPad Mini, and we want to give it to you! Just by talking 5 more minutes on every call you make this month, to any destinations; and you may be the winner!

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