25 Apr 2011

How Mom Can Enjoy A Much Deserved "Me Time"

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Her kids may have flown the nest, and her friends may have jetted off, but now you can give mom back her social circle with OneSuite’s new app. See how Amy did it for her mom:

Amy has shown her mom how to enjoy cheap international calling with just one touch, by setting up a new OneSuite account for her as a Mother’s Day gift this year.

She downloaded the OneSuite Mobile Dialer app to mom’s smartphone, so mom can make international calls to her sister in Paris with OneSuite, directly from her phonebook contacts (here’s how for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry).

No outrageous charges from her mobile carrier, no PIN, or even Wi-Fi or data plan needed. Mom’s happy!

Mom’s hooked to her new OneSuite app, it’s able to call her sister, girlfriends and family around the world anytime without paying a humongous phone bill...feeling less of an empty nest mom.

And Mom doesn't need to remember any PINs or special instructions. Just one-touch.....voila! The call is dialed automatically from her phone's contact list. 

In addition, mom enjoys flexible calling from a landline, mobile phone or PC at much cheaper rates with her OneSuite account!

No worries when the home phone or computer is occupied by kids or the hubby, there’s always a smarter alternative to call with OneSuite!

With the money saved on long-distance calls, mom’s now planning a trip to Europe with her friends…for the first time in 15 years!

And just in case she needs to call back home to check on the family, OneSuite international coverage could help her save up to 90% on international roaming, giving mom the peace of mind when enjoying her much deserved “me time”!

That’s what we call a Happy Mother’s Day.


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