23 Feb 2010

8 Phone Card Tips You Need to Know1. Rates Many people buy calling cards by looking at the advertised XXX minutes for ABC country, but what they don’t know is that calling different countries means different rates. And rates are also different if you are going to call a landline or a mobile phone outside of US or Canada. So smart shoppers should find out the rates of calling a certain country, then divide your card balance by the ‘per minute rate’ which will give you the remaining ‘minutes’ on your card. For OneSuite users, you could go to our rates page for verification so you’d know if you could stay on the line for 1 hour or just 5 minutes with your available balance.

25 Nov 2009

call-family_webJust want to leave a friendly reminder. It's turkey day tomorrow. Please remember to call your friends and family on the special day, and travel safely. :) If your loved ones are overseas, please take advantage of OneSuite's low international rates for long-distance calls. If you are in Canada, you'd be glad to know that OneSuite just added 34 local access numbers in Canada for cheapest long-distance calling. Make sure to check them out! If you're a new sign-up, using OneSuite's promo code will give you 5% bonus. Here's how it works. Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!!

26 May 2009

hidden_fees_webBefore I defected to PC calling, I used to buy phone cards from local grocery stores to place some long-distance or international calls. Oddly enough, for my supposedly 500-minute calling card, some weekly 10-15 minute calls would eat up the card in just a couple of weeks. It’s only after I worked for OneSuite, did I learn that most calling cards have different fees and hidden charges calculated to consume your minutes in no time.

08 May 2009

Just a friendly reminder to all of you, that it's Mother's Day this Sunday. If you can't be with your mom this weekend,  don't forget to call!

30 Apr 2009

cell_phone_webI like to chat, but don’t like to pay a lot for it. Sometimes I think that’s what brought me to OneSuite in the first place. Before joining the marketing department, I was a customer support representative, and talking non-stop. hehe And boy, have I got stories to tell! For instance, one customer complained about her poor call quality, and after a long round of troubleshooting, out of the blue she gasped “It’s my dog!”

22 Apr 2009

bestphoneservicesIf you are like most people, when it comes to long-distance calling, you dial from your home phone and always try to cut the conversation short. Major phone carriers usually bundle their long-distance with local service, but the international rates are so high, long-distance calls always feel like a luxury.