Larry, SOHO Owner

Larry, SOHO Owner

Meet Larry, 40-year-old father of two. Larry was president of a privately owned import/export company before joining OneSuite as our head of general affairs. Larry embraces new technology and new ideas, and absolutely admires entrepreneurship. If you want to talk business, Larry is your guy.

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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 06:26

VoIP is great, but how do I use it?

Softphone ATA or IP PhoneDigital phone, Internet phone, VoIP, it’s all the same thing. And you can get it right here at OneSuite for a ridiculously low price, without binding contracts!

The most “advantageous” part of using SuiteAdvantage is BYOD – bring your own device! Sounds like a party? It is, because you get to have fun and choose.

Based on your calling habits and planned budget, you can choose from our suggested usage methods:

business_announcement_webEver tried to coordinate an event and needed to call a bunch of people for schedule or venue updates when email wasn’t an option?  It can sometimes be a pain to keep repeating after yourself and time consuming. The new SuiteAdvantage Message Broadcasting feature will now save you a lot of hassle.

accountingA recent audit report published by Deputy Inspector General for Audit titled “Controls Over Employee Telephone Calling Cards Are Insufficient to Identify Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” disclosed that as of February 2008, the IRS had issued approximately 34,000 telephone calling cards to its employees.  Between October 2005 and April 2008, approximately $8.4 million was charged to telephone calling cards held by IRS employees.  However, the IRS has not established effective controls to identify and address improper use of these cards, and the control weaknesses are the same weaknesses we identified in Fiscal Year 2004. 

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