03 Jun 2009

Message Broadcasting Makes Event Organizers’ Job Easier

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business_announcement_webEver tried to coordinate an event and needed to call a bunch of people for schedule or venue updates when email wasn’t an option?  It can sometimes be a pain to keep repeating after yourself and time consuming. The new SuiteAdvantage Message Broadcasting feature will now save you a lot of hassle.

My wife and I had to coordinate a huge family gathering last week so we decided to try out the new perk in SuiteAdvantage--Message Broadcasting feature.  Since I work at OneSuite, I managed to get most of our family members to subscribe to SuiteAdvantage so we could talk to each other for free worldwide.  We sent out the invitation message requesting to RSVP, followed by a reminder message (day before the event) to our relatives, and it worked wonders.  People were amazed at the efficiency of this feature.  It became the hot topic of the day.

The new Message Broadcasting feature allows you to record voice messages or forward voice mails to 100 different distribution lists (each with up to 100 phone numbers) that you could build in the account web interface, or through the softphone.  If the recipients also subscribe to SuiteAdvantage, the call is free and they could reply and call you back with just a press of a button. One of my cousins got the message on his cell phone and was wondering how I managed it. Quite cool!

When we were developing this feature, we thought it was a nice add-on to have.  But after my family gathering, I realized that it could be a very useful communication tool for communities with various age groups, non-email users, or for people who seldom check their emails.

We have family members who belong to different religious groups and others who are selling different network marketing products like Amway™, Mary Kay™, NuSkin™, and Market America™ and they all organize events frequently.  When they heard about the Message Broadcasting feature, they all got so excited and start spilling out how they could utilize it.  Coordinating events and making announcements within a network can now be a whisk! 

Have you been inspired?  Tells us how the voice mail distribution list feature could perk up your work.

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