Larry, SOHO Owner

Larry, SOHO Owner

Meet Larry, 40-year-old father of two. Larry was president of a privately owned import/export company before joining OneSuite as our head of general affairs. Larry embraces new technology and new ideas, and absolutely admires entrepreneurship. If you want to talk business, Larry is your guy.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009 03:57

Fax to Mad Cat in Home Office

What’s best for your home office, fax-to-email or fax-to-mad-cat? This is another good reason to use OneSuite Fax Plus to send and receive fax from your computer in maintaining an environmentally friendly home office.

postage_stamps United States Postal Service is increasing postage cost again.  Effective May 11, 2009, first-class mail under one ounce will be increased from 42¢ to 44¢.  So it might save you some costs to consider alternative ways to communicate with your customers instead of mailing, make payments online, instead of sending checks.  Not that I want my mailman to get laid off or anything…but businesses need to survive too.

Thursday, 02 April 2009 19:22

Prepare Your Business for the Bad Hair Year

bad_hair_day Ok, it’s pretty obvious the economy’s bad hair day is not going away for a while. If you’re running a business, it’s best to find a good pair of scissors, comb, brush, or styling products to have a good grooming before it goes bald with the economy. Yes, this is also my own personal fear when I see myself in the mirror… 

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