30 Apr 2009

Before You Press That Call Button…

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cell_phone_webI like to chat, but don’t like to pay a lot for it. Sometimes I think that’s what brought me to OneSuite in the first place. Before joining the marketing department, I was a customer support representative, and talking non-stop. hehe And boy, have I got stories to tell! For instance, one customer complained about her poor call quality, and after a long round of troubleshooting, out of the blue she gasped “It’s my dog!”

 Turns out, the culprit is a 2-year-old Chihuahua, which has been quietly chewing on her phone line. At this point, I think even the most professional CSR couldn't  keep a straight face. sweat

All joking aside, I do also remember a particular case, where a customer called in to complain about a huge phone bill. While he has been dialing OneSuite local access to make international calls, his cell phone bill that month amounts to over $600.  The bill showed that he’s been calling out from his mobile service, not OneSuite. As you can imagine, he was infuriated. angry

So I put on my detective’s hat, and went through his dialing procedures in great details. It all boils down to one button… He had ZipDial set up, so after he was connected to our network, he simply dialed the destination number. However, instead of pressing the # or waiting for the network to connect the call, he pressed the “call button” on his cell phone, thus disconnecting from OneSuite network and calling out from his mobile service network. The difference is hundreds.

While this is a rare incident, it’s not a totally uncommon mistake to make. In fact, we’d like to warn all phone-card and dial-around users, to never make the same mistake. Please follow the voice prompt carefully, and refrain from pressing the “call” button, especially when it comes to international calls…

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