17 May 2014

How to use OneSuite without Internet - Turn your overseas contact into a local call

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You know how to register your phone numbers and make calls through OneSuite easily. And if you are one those who call their loved ones overseas once a week (if not once a day), you will also be happy to learn how to create local numbers for your international contacts and dial it from your registered phones.

Or set this up for anyone whom you think dialing international calls is a challenging task, like your parents or grandparents.

When to Use: A super easy way to make OneSuite calls to a handful of frequently called international destinations

Type of Phones: Cell phone, landline

How to Set Up:

  1. Log into your OneSuite account;
    Log into OneSuite
  2. (Skip to #3 if you’ve already registered your phone numbers.) Go to Long Distance Summary > Register Your Phones; edit your setting; and register your phone numbers as ZipDial;
    Set up ZipDial
  3. Go to Long Distance Summary > Favorite 10; click on “View”.
    View Favorite 10
  4. Assign U.S/Canada local numbers for your frequently called international contacts and save them as Favorite 10.
    Assign local numbers

When Making a Call:
Call your Favorite 10 numbers directly from your registered phone as if you were making a local call; OneSuite will automatically connect you to your friends at our super low rates.

Note: My Favorite 10 is intended to be used on phone lines with U.S. or Canada national coverage such as wireless services. You MUST contact your phone company to confirm charges on all calls to OneSuite My Favorite 10 numbers. OneSuite is not responsible for any toll charges you may incur while using My Favorite 10. Favorite 10 calling rates are charged the same as U.S. or Canada local access rates to the contacts' destination countries.

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