16 Nov 2011

How to Get Free Calls with VoIP and IP Phones

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How to Get Free Calls with VoIP and IP PhonesWhether it’s called a VoIP, voice over IP, IP, or SIP phone, all these terms basically refer to one thing: your phone can make calls over the Internet, to both other VoIP numbers and traditional phone numbers.

So read on to find out how to leverage the Internet to make free international calls through VoIP on IP phones:

IP phones places calls through the Internet, via VoIP (hence, the name!). And with the right VoIP provider, you can get free calls and cheap rates. To toot our own horn, OneSuite’s VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage, gets you just that.

VoIP Phones

1. Pair up – make & receive free calls

  • Pair up on SuiteAdvantage: when you and a friend both subscribe to SuiteAdvantage, you can call each other for FREE, from anywhere in the world.
  • Pair up on IP phones: then, use SuiteAdvantage on your IP phones for quick and easy dialing.

2. Quick ‘n easy dialing

Go back to the good old days when your contacts are just a phone call away, and not turn-on-laptop-wait-to-boot-up-open-more-software-and-finally-log-in away.

3. Save money

With OneSuite’s VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage, you can get super low international rates when you call a traditional cell or landline phone.

(Find out more about SuiteAdvantage in the following section.)

4. Ergonomic calling

Out of convenience or habit, you may prefer having a desktop phone for making often lengthy long-distance international calls.

5. Optional calling methods

An IP phone is just one way you can make VoIP calls. Other optional calling methods include ATA devices, or on your laptop.

OneSuite SuiteAdvantage

OneSuite’s VoIP service adds power and savings to traditional long-distance international calls:


What you see is what you pay: no additional fees for any of OneSuite’s rates or services.

2. Cheap long-distance, low monthly subscription

Rates are super low! And monthly subscription is only $2.95.

3. Mobility

If you had to move to Siberia in the next hour, just take the phone with you. Once plugged into an Ethernet port, people could still find you at the same U.S./Canada number.

4. Additional phone line

Get a US/Canada local phone number!

5. Unlimited incoming calls

When friends and family call your VoIP number, you pick up for free.

6. Free voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID features

Did you know that the caller ID feature can run $8.95/month alone? With SuiteAdvantage, it’s free! Check out OneSuite.com for the complete list of free features.

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