Steve, Constant Traveler

Steve, Constant Traveler

Meet Steve, a 42-year-old expat from Singapore. Steve is a business consultant based in Chicago, and spends a lot of time on the road meeting with clients. A loyal OneSuite user, Steve is here to share with you his personal experience with using OneSuite products on the go.

longdistanceloveMaintaining a long-distance relationship is never easy. My long-distance love affair with my wife began a few years ago when I became a senior business consultant and had to travel internationally on a regular basis. It went ok in the beginning but pretty soon my wife started complaining about not hearing from me often enough. So to compensate for those weeks that I’m not at home, I make it to a point to call her everyday, even if that means a couple of hundred dollars more on my phone bill.

Monday, 13 April 2009 20:39

Multiple Destinations, One Area Code

communications_worlwideVoIP meets travelers Unlike a regular 9-to-5er, I travel a lot for my work. As I travel from country to country over the years, I’m finding this statement to be more and more true: the world is flat. What I’m feeling is beyond the tangible – I can expect the same taste of my Starbucks™ macchiato in Beijing or in Sydney, Australia. On the emotional level, though, I do feel connected with my circle even when I’m physically far away, thanks to the modern technology which makes communication so easy and affordable.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 05:52

All About the V Thing

onesuite_voipHave you heard about VoIP? Most of us have but there are still many of us have used it but not know about it. If you ever use the internet to have voice conversations then you’ve used VoIP. Last week I bumped into a college friend of mine who clearly is not too aware of this new technology so we had a quick chat about it.  I mentioned about using VoIP because my job requires me to travel and move a lot, and yet I managed to keep the same VoIP phone number in years. If I just stuck to a regular phone line, I might have lost touch with most of my friends.

import_fax12Following the blog entry about fax broadcasting, I thought it’d also benefit OneSuite users to know how to import external address books into your fax driver OSFX. This can save you lots of time and hassle especially if you have hundreds of contacts saved in your program. No need to retype all the information. Five minutes and you’re done! This will make it even easier to broadcast fax.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 15:02

8 Phone Card Tips You Need to Know

8 Phone Card Tips You Need to Know1. Rates Many people buy calling cards by looking at the advertised XXX minutes for ABC country, but what they don’t know is that calling different countries means different rates. And rates are also different if you are going to call a landline or a mobile phone outside of US or Canada. So smart shoppers should find out the rates of calling a certain country, then divide your card balance by the ‘per minute rate’ which will give you the remaining ‘minutes’ on your card. For OneSuite users, you could go to our rates page for verification so you’d know if you could stay on the line for 1 hour or just 5 minutes with your available balance.

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