17 Apr 2009

6 Don’ts on Choosing the VoIP Provider

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voip-globe11Long-distance calling has come a long way. The technology has evolved from the day you would instantly recognize a long-distance call by its hiss. As a techie, I always leverage new technology for convenience and economical purposes. So when it comes to communication, I also take advantage of what the VoIP technology has to offer.

As you know, local phone carriers are still charging ridiculously high rates for long-distance calls. Now that VoIP quality has made significant improvement and there’s more bandwidth to play with, more and more people are joining the PC calling crowd. But alas, there are also more and more VoIP providers to choose from. What to look for and what to avoid? According to our product research and customer feedback, here are some no-nos you want to stay away from when choosing your VoIP provider:

1. Not knowing your calling habits. Because there’s no sense in getting a 500 minute VoIP monthly plan if you don’t intend to use it all. You’ll just end up wasting minutes, or money.

2. Getting a cheap U.S. plan. Subscribing a cheap plan for calling U.S. and Canada won’t really save you, if you also make international calls. You will end up paying extra for the international rates, or getting two providers that will add up unnecessary cost.

3. Not researching first. Signing up right away without researching first is a sure way of getting the wrong provider for your needs. Big names don’t necessarily mean best rates and quality.

4. Committing to a plan. Choose a provider where you don’t need to commit to any plans for cheaper deals. Not 3 months, not 6 months, but stick with pay as you go. Not only will it save you more in the long run, it also gives you the control and freedom as a subscriber.

5. Not comparing rates. Take note of the countries and areas you call most, and compare rates. It’s a 5-minute task that will save you your long-distance bills for a year.

6. Not reading the fine print. You might miss the $39.95 cancellation charges or the no refund policy just in case you wish to switch providers. Or the extra connection fees outside of U.S. and Canada.

 Hope these help. Or you can also visit OneSuite’s VoIP comparison chart, which gives you an idea of what to look for.

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