06 Apr 2009

What Can a Dollar Do for You?

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dollar_bill Admit it, we all want the best and newest gadgets packed with tons of features that will fit into one small device. That has become more of a norm right now, as technology advances, but it also drives me crazy just comparing the pros and cons of products. Decision, decision, decision…

Luckily, getting these cool gadgets doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg, if you could wait a little. I got my HTC Diamond PDA phone for $100 less on eBay, and Kindle 2™ for $50 less than listed price on Amazon. Yeah I splurge on gadgets, but I always keep bargains in mind.

So when it comes to service subscription, I also go for good deals. If you are a bargain hunter like me, read on.

Faxing over the machine is almost a thing of the past, but some people and businesses still insist on the fax medium, for security reasons (sender's view, of course) or probably force of habit? Regardless, technology should serve the purpose of bettering our everyday lives. So since I have a few business contacts outside of OneSuite that always prefer fax than emails, I decided to subscribe to a personal Internet fax number and try our own OneSuite Fax Basic. It is this unlimited fax-to-email service for $1 a month. Although I don’t need unlimited service because I only expect about 15 to 20 pages a week, on second thought, this is really a great deal since:

  • The charge is fixed at $1 per month;
  • No second guessing of what’s going to be on my bill every month; 
  • Saves me time, money and paper;
  • Clearly getting an unlimited service is cheaper versus those plans with allotted page numbers that charge $5 per month or more; 
  • I love the convenience of getting my faxes wherever I am.

Testimonials? Read this...

This is a no-brainer. One dollar does go a long way, and I would recommend this service to anyone. The coolest thing of all this though, is the notion that I am saving trees by cutting paper usage. Also, I can finally stop wasting paper and cartridge for printing all the junk faxes. Good trade!


  • Comment Link Michael, tech guy Monday, 13 April 2009 20:59 posted by Michael, tech guy

    Hi, Don

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We'd like to inform you that OneSuite softphone is 100% compatible with
    Norton AntiVirus 2009. We use Norton AntiVirus on some of our workstations
    here running on Windows XP and we haven't encountered problems on our
    Softphones (stop running) when Live Updates kick in. If your softphone
    works normally before then there's a possibility that the softphone itself
    got infected by a virus especially when you mentioned that Norton disables
    your softphone when you use recommended fix/repair.

    I suggest you uninstall your softphone, delete the softphone installation
    file, scan your computer with Norton and fix/repair if it's recommended and
    then download and reinstall softphone from OneSuite website. If that
    doesn't fix the problem then try using the free X-lite softphone and see if
    the problem persists.

    Hope that helps.



  • Comment Link Don Monday, 13 April 2009 00:33 posted by Don

    Hey Michael (traditional Georgian greeting), I'm looking for work-a-round. I've had Soft Phone for about 6 months. I had Norton Live Update running in the background but now have to run it as needed. Something about Soft Phone won't allow Norton to run continually.

    When I use Norton's recommended fix (reload/repair) it disables Soft Phone. Then when I reload Soft Phone it disables Norton (only disables the Live Update portion). So currently I let Soft Phone run and do the Norton Live Updates when required.

    Do you have any ideas on this issue?

    Overall I've been a very happy subscriber to One Suite user since about 2003. I subscribed to the entire suite about 6 months ago. I had a couple of issues with e-mail to fax but am working through them.

    Also, I discovered something interesting. When I use Soft Phone to dial the One Suite access number for toll calls I can send faxes to "800" numbers even though the confirmation e-mail states "there was an error in sending the fax".

    Regarding VOIP I'm waiting to see if handsets will be introduced in my area.

    Summary: OneSuite and SoftPhone suite are the wave of the future for economical communications.

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