07 Oct 2009

Make Your Calls Follow You Worldwide

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osfw_cellphoneHave you used a call forwarding service? Well I haven't until recently when I subscribed to OneSuite Forwarding service. You see I always travel in and out of the country. My job requires constant travel to Asia and Europe and I usually activate roaming on my mobile phone before but the high cost prompts me to always look for better alternatives. Mobile roaming is very expensive. Calls at $2 a minute are pretty normal.

Then I started using VoIP service and calling cards from OneSuite and my calling cost improved dramatically. The only problem now is when I'm not online, I miss important personal calls because no internet means no VoIP calls unless you have the Voice Mail activated. Still…I would prefer to receive calls than having the Voice Mail take my important calls.

Couple of weeks ago, OneSuite notified me of their new Forwarding Service and it’s very timely because I was on my way to Singapore for a little business and lots of pleasure. It was F1 weekend and a couple of associates are attending the event. Fast forward to my story, I never missed a call this time around and my wife was able to reach me whenever she needed to in real time. She only needs to call my OneSuite Forwarding number, which is a local number so it's free. And the best thing is, when the call is routed to my cell phone in Singapore, the forwarding rate is only 2 cents a minute!!! It's even cheaper than US calls.

OneSuite Forwarding works like regular call forwarding but it can also forward fax or voice mail. You subscribe to the forwarding service which will gives you the choice of toll-free or local number and this number will be your forwarding number.

You can put any number you want as your destination number and change it online whenever you need to. Any calls to your forwarding number will go to your destination number. You can disable your forwarding service anytime if you are back home or when you don't need the service for any reason. You can put in a regular fax number or OneSuite Fax number and you will be able to receive your fax messages.

So what do you think about forwarding service? Got any alternatives? Share your thoughts below.

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