13 Jul 2010

Travel, Call, & Save More with Newly Adjusted Rates

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Enjoy an ocean of savings this travel season with OneSuite’s adjusted international access rates, and save up to 90% compared to traditional wireless international roaming services. OneSuite is tailored to your on-the-go lifestyle: without commitments, monthly charges or roaming plans! And we are proud that our low n’ cool rates stand out against the heat of competition:

newsletter_rates_change011 newsletter_rates_change02

See the complete country-by-country savings comparison. Use our incredible rates to call back home to the U.S. or Canada using OneSuite while you’re abroad, or call any other country to arrange your next travel destination. Here’s how with France as an example:


We’d like to think we have made traveling and calling fuss-free for you. So go ahead and enjoy your travels, stay connected, and save wisely with OneSuite’s international access rates!


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