30 Sep 2009

Cut Your Toll-Free Service Expenses

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cut_ratesHow Can OneSuite Call Forwarding Assist Your Business Growth? Series II

Toll-Free customer service is a double-edged sword. You want to provide it to your customers so they won’t hesitate to contact you, generating more business opportunities and offering better service. On the other hand, the more your customers call you, the higher your operating expense becomes. Got a solution?

Check your phone bill to see what your service provider is charging you on your toll-free service. If it’s more than 6¢ per minute, then you should be looking elsewhere. To give you an idea, at OneSuite, the costs for these forwarding destinations are: U.S. 5¢, Canada 4.4¢, UK 4.7¢, Germany 5.5¢, China 4.7¢ per minute when your customers call you. 

Toll-Free number is just a number, not tied to any phone line. The customer could submit requests port or transfer the toll-free number to another carrier at anytime.

Traditionally, when the toll-free service is provided by local phone companies, the customer could also submit requests to change their ring-to number and wait a day or two for it to take effect.

Now, you can transfer your toll-free number to OneSuite or just select a new toll-free number instantly on our website, and then use OneSuite Forwarding as your toll-free service. Here’s the best part, whenever you want to change the ring-to number, you’re in total control. Just a few clicks in your OneSuite Account and the routing will change instantly. 

Don’t forget, with OneSuite, there’s no additional tax (we pay them for you) or hidden fees, no commitment plans, and it’s only $2.95 per month.

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