21 Apr 2009

Cheapest Way to Call When Traveling Abroad

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So…I just came back from a friend’s wedding in Cancun. It was a beautiful wedding, heartand Cancun was absolutely gorgeous.addemoticons10340  Can still feel the white sand and smell the sea breeze… See it for yourself:


I also want to share with you some of the new discoveries I found about SuiteAdvantage. So before the vacation, our product manager gave me lots of tips about using OneSuite for international roaming (My T-mobile charges $1.49 a minute for roaming in Mexico! sweat So mobile roaming is definitely out.), and of course forwarding all unanswered calls to SA number. After trying it out myself, I simply have to pass on these tips for all your travelers out there.

The coolest thing about this, is that it actually adds a lot of convenience and peace of mind when I’m traveling abroad, knowing that I won’t be surprised by a hefty bill later. I still carried my cell phone for emergency purpose, and just to check the incoming calls. Otherwise, I was returning all my calls from my laptop in the hotel.

The pros:  

1. I can be reached at my original cell number;

2. From my laptop, I call everyone back in California at 2.5¢ per minute, and call local areas at 8.9¢ per minute;

3. In a few occasions where I have to use a payphone, the OneSuite international rate to U.S. is 18.9¢ per minute, and 26.9¢ per minute in Cancun;

4. I was able to check all my voicemails to my cell phone, in my SA account;

5. And what’s really neat is, for all the international calls I made in the five days, my bill is less than $5. hoho  And the instant record allows me to monitor my balance in real time. The only con is, I only return calls when I’m back in the hotel.

No complaints though. It would be cool to chat away on my cell when I’m away in Mexico, but I’d rather not do it at the expense of my hard earned bucks. Plus I already spent a lot in the duty-free shops… shy

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