05 Nov 2009

OneSuite, the Hybrid Communications Service

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hybrid_phone_cardThe idea of hybrid is to combine the benefits of two or more different things for achieving one specific objective. Hybrid is definitely a buzzword in the modern day. We have Hybrid cars, Hybrid plants, Hybrid vocabulary, Hybrid computers, Hybrid mobile phones… Just like a Swiss knife. By bringing one Swiss knife, you are essentially carrying a dozen of tools with you. Now even with OneSuite, what you’re getting is more than long distance calling.

Think about it, we get mobile phones with camera feature and it comes handy when we don’t have a camera around. We choose phones with wifi feature so we won’t need a laptop for those quick emails, browsing or searching on Google. So what about a long-distance service that comes with VoIP, Internet fax, and call/fax forwarding features? Or long-distance calling which you can access through home phone, cell phone or Internet?

By combining a prepaid calling card service with VoIP feature, fax to email and call forwarding capabilities, OneSuite is a multi-functional communications service. Having multiple accounts with different providers these days are just too confusing and costly. If Verizon has FiOS that combines Internet, phone and TV, then OneSuite is one account that combines VoIP, prepaid calling card, online fax and call forwarding services.

The best thing about OneSuite Hybrid is that it’s still a prepaid service, so there are no unused minutes or overage rates. It’s one account with subscription-based services, and all usage is pay as you go.

Take advantage of what technology has to offer. That can be a wifi-capable mobile phone with big screen for web browsing, a car that runs on battery and gas, and an affordable phone service with value-added services.


  • Comment Link Michael, tech guy Thursday, 04 February 2010 01:05 posted by Michael, tech guy


    Hi there, the best solution to your situation is OneSuite VoIP service SuiteAdvantage. It has a voicemail feature with your own phone number.

    For complete SuiteAdvantage features please go here -> http://www.onesuite.com/products_Broadband_Main.asp

    Hope this helps.

  • Comment Link ZXT Tuesday, 02 February 2010 18:09 posted by ZXT

    Hello Peg, I'm not from Onesuite but I think subscribing to their voip service Suiteadvantage is your best bet. You'll get a number and make that your office phone number.

  • Comment Link Peg Monday, 01 February 2010 19:35 posted by Peg

    Okay, I am trying to wade through the services to pick what is best for my new company. I have already canceled my second land line and ma using One Suite for faxes. Now I want to establish "office phone numbers" for the company. All I want to do is have numbers for incoming business calls and voicemails and I don't want to use the family land lines for these business calls. What are the best solutions One Suite has to offer?

  • Comment Link ZXT Tuesday, 01 December 2009 16:17 posted by ZXT

    Onesuite really evolves from a simple calling card service to a complete all in one communication tool through the years. Kudos to Onesuite.

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