28 Apr 2009

Alternative to Mobile Roaming Overseas

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internaional_roaming_webA recent study shows that email users are now making fewer long-distance phone calls since they’ve gone online. But for travelers like me, calling home is a must whenever I’m on a trip. Yes email comes in handy but there’s nothing like hearing my wife’s voice when I’m jetlagged and wide awake 3AM in the morning.

But even then, I would refrain from calling long-distance from my mobile phone. There are cautionary tales about the ridiculous charges when they receive the bills. Hits you every time. But I mean seriously, who really reads the fine prints or check all country rates for mobile roaming plans?

Yeah I also had to learn from my own mistakes. I remembered staying at Marriot County Hall™ in London, and calling my local business contact just a few miles across the river directly from my hotel room. The next day, I got a bill of £15.81 for a 14-minute call upon check-out! I learned that Marriot charges 99p per minute and £1.95 connection fee for local calls. Maybe that’s the normal rate for hotels. Then I thought, why didn’t I think of OneSuite? It kind of slipped my mind because I always only use OneSuite international access to call back to U.S. I checked the U.K. to U.K. rate, and it’s only 10.4 cents per minute. That means, I could have saved some 15£.

My company does reimburse me for some expenses, but a 14-minute call for £15.81 just looks outrageous.

That’s why whenever possible, I use OneSuite international roaming as an alternative to mobile roaming to make calls, if I don’t have laptop or Internet access to make VoIP calls. I just need to dial OneSuite international access number from my hotel room (OneSuite offers access numbers in 25 countries, some toll-free) and punch in my PIN then the destination number. Within a few seconds, my wife was there saying hello and getting all the updates. There’s the mental support, and also the peace of mind that I don’t need to count the minutes anymore or think about the bills later on.

Ok. I think finally I’m getting a little sleepy…


  • Comment Link Total chat Monday, 01 June 2009 22:25 posted by Total chat

    Good post and thank you for the tip on OneSuite - I had heard of it before, but had not realised its use and how easy it is to use, so than you. Like you say you don't always have your lap top or free wifi etc so it is useful to have an alternative to use especially when overseas.

  • Comment Link Zahir Thursday, 07 May 2009 13:53 posted by Zahir


    Check this link -> http://www.onesuite.com/access_international.asp for information on Onesuite alternative to International Roaming where you can use Onesuite services around the world.

  • Comment Link Mim Saturday, 02 May 2009 11:01 posted by Mim

    I would like more information about International Roaming

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