19 May 2014

How to use OneSuite without Internet - International Phone Card

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Perhaps you've fumbled with bewildering instructions on a foreign phone or accidentally run up a $500 phone bill with a few innocent calls home from a hotel in Europe.

If not, you don’t have to learn the hard way that you could easily use OneSuite as an international phone card to make cheap calls while on the road.

When to Use: Use your OneSuite account like a prepaid international phone card when you’re at a public phone, airport or hotel during travels, to avoid expensive roaming bills.

Type of Phones: Payphone or any phone

When Making a Call:

  1. When at a payphone, dial one of OneSuite’s access numbers that is local to you
    Search Local Access Number
    Search International Access Number
  2. When prompted, enter your 14-digit PIN/account number
  3. Enter the number you wish to call
  4. When the call is connected, you could start talking at our super low rates.

See how OneSuite can save you up to 90% on international roaming. For more information about calling from a payphone, please see our FAQ.

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