25 Nov 2013

How to make affordable international calls from overseas without a smartphone?

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How to make affordable international calls from overseas without a smartphone

I recently made a trip to Philippines, in an “old-school” way, meaning I managed to travel without a smartphone.

How did it go? I’ve probably made this trip more complicated than it needed to be without bringing a smartphone. I was not able to get maps and got frustratingly lost in the middle of nowhere; not able to check metro timetables or how long it would take for the next bus to come. But luckily I was still able to use OneSuite Callback to call home from my friend’s place!

In case you don’t know yet, there are two ways to trigger a callback. Besides using OneSuite VoIP App, you could also trigger a callback from OneSuite website by logging into your account. So here’s how I did it:

  1. Logged into my OneSuite Account and clicked on Callback under Long Distance.Go to callback
  2. Entered the phone numbers. I entered my friend’s landline as “Call me back at”; my home phone number as “The number I want to call”, then click “Call Now”.Enter phone numbers
  3. The callback request was sent. My friend’s landline rang within a minute. I picked it up; the call was successfully connected to my home as I heard the ring tone!

The call was only 13.4 cents per minute. My friend was so impressed, that he immediately signed up for an OneSuite account. OneSuite Callback is extremely handy for travelers to make quality international calls worldwide, even when access numbers are not available for that country. Callback rates can save you a bundle compared to wireless roaming with other major carriers, even with the recent T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan.

You probably wouldn’t want to travel without a smartphone, especially when you already have one anyway. But when you do, remember OneSuite always has a way to help you stay connected, wherever you go.

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