25 Oct 2013

New Feature - Global Callback

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OneSuite Callback - Make Cheap International Call from Any Country

We’d like to introduce you to another smart alternative in communications, "OneSuite Callback"!

Ever tried to stay in touch from overseas but couldn’t find access numbers? Ever tried to make a VoIP call but had weak Wi-Fi signals? Don’t worry, OneSuite Callback will connect you with a quality call wherever you are, landline or mobile, and help you save a bundle on international roaming charges.

Just trigger the call in My Account OR via OneSuite VoIP App on iPhone/iPad or Android!

Best of all, this is a subscription-free feature, just as our broadband access VoIP for making outbound calls!


* If you have downloaded OneSuite VoIP App in the past, we've simplified app login with OneSuite web login credential in this new release. Please change your login information in app Settings after update.

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