13 Oct 2011

OneSweet Store Tip: How to wear an infinity scarf

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(In case you missed it, OneSuite recently opened a spin-off deal site: OneSweet Store!)

We get excited over many things at OneSuite, and so far on the blog, you might think it’s limited to geeking out over things telecom or bargains!deals!savings! So you might be surprised we have a few fashionistas on our team as well.

And with their help, we’re going to introduce: 1 scarf, infinite ways to wear it! With this week’s OneSweet Store deal, fall’ and winter’s most versatile trend can also become your bargain buy to create infinite looks with just one accessory piece.

Style 1: The basic
Lay scarf flat, place behind neck, take one end and place through loop. Or, pin both ends together to create a handkerchief look.

Style 2: The cowl
Loop around neck and fluff.

Style 3: The hood
Cover head, leave scarf draping, or loop around neck for secure fit.

Style 4: The shrug
Extend both arms through loop.

Style 5: The wrap
Wrap the scarf around the body, let drape, or pin to secure. 

Style 6: The back look
Loop around neck, gather extra length at back and let drape.

There you have it, infinite ways to keep warm and trendy this fall & winter season.

Check out OneSweet Store’s Infinity Loop Eyelet Knit Scarf!

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