02 May 2011

Free Apps to Perk Up Mom’s Social Circle

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I decided to use OneSuite’s mother’s day signup bonus to get my mom an account, and also downloaded the OneSuite Mobile Dialer app as an early mother’s day present (she’s in Hong Kong, but me and most of her friends are all abroad, so she takes advantage of OneSuite’s low international access rates for HK), and that’s cut down international dialing to just one touch for her.

So I thought, what are some other great apps that can make my mom’s life easier? I looked around and found these free apps that you can “gift” to your mom, or that lovable grandma or auntie, or just a special someone. Here are the 5 apps I recommend (and feel free to share your favs):

Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant (iPhone)

Help your mom stay organized! This functional app is enhanced even more by its cheerful look.

Some standout features:

Task by location: groups your errands by location so you can effortlessly figure out a efficient route. The app even has location awareness so it sends alerts when you’re near an errand.

Community tips: If mom is out of inspiration for dinner or need help treating a wound, she can look it up in the community tips section.

Smart calendar: the calendar syncs with Google calendar or the iPhone calendar, so it’s the same calendar, wherever you go.


Yelp (iPhone, Android)

If mom’s not hooked on Yelp already, she probably will with this app. I know my mom will love it because she will get to be the social guru and make in-the-know recommendations even when she’s visiting her friends abroad (Yelp international covers North America and some of Europe). Or for your mom here in the U.S./Canada, she’ll get to expand her local social circle by picking out new places to go and things to do.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a similar app for other regions? Asia, Australia, S. American or Africa? Share with me in the comments section, please!

Currency Exchange (iPhone, Android)

So for my mom who’s abroad, and your mom or family and friends taking advantage of OneSuite Mobile Dialer app’s international access outside of the U.S./Canada, I think the Currency app is a quick and simple way of converting currency.

Lose It (iPhone, web version available)

Mom, really, you look great, no need to diet! But we know most moms are always a little weight conscious, so to make it easier for her to stick to her healthy lifestyle, there’s Lose It!

Dieticians advise that it’s smart to jot down the food you’re eating everyday so you are aware of how many calories is being consumed. With Lose It!, it’s truly convenient and easy. The app helps keep mom on track, and even has a community feature so friends can Lose It! together!

Weatherbug (iPhone, Android)

Everyone needs weather updates, and especially moms: should the family reschedule the beach trip because it’s cloudy outside? Should Jakey bring an extra jacket to his soccer game? This app gives moms up-to-date weather conditions, along with forecasts and even a webcam shot of locations!

These apps may be great, but do you have other suggestions, maybe language- or region-specific? We’d love to hear what you recommend, share with us in the comments section!

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