29 Apr 2009

Do You Know...OneSuite's Cheapest Rates

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If you’ve been dialing our toll-free access number to make calls, we'd like to remind you it’s cheaper to call from Local Access Number or Broadband Access.

We apologize if you're using toll-free access because we're not offering local access numbers in your area. Alternatively, you can enjoy the same low rates with Broadband Access if you have high-speed Internet. Broadband access rates are equal to local access rates. By switching to either access method, you’ll get OneSuite’s lowest rates.

OneSuite Access

local access broadband access broadband access Tips:

  1. If you can’t find a local access number for your landline, your can still save some local access numbers if your cell phone plan includes national calling minutes.
  2. With the SoftPhone, you simply dial out from your PC, and don’t have to dial any access numbers or enter any PINs.

Please take advantage of the flexibility and enjoy the convenience. Meanwhile, OneSuite will continue to look for ways to bring the best service and quality along with lowest possible prices.

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