05 Jun 2009

Free Softphone for Windows, Mac: Zoiper™

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softphoneOut of 20 or so softphones I’ve tested, I’m only recommending four that I consider keepers. Zoiper 2.0™ is the last but not the least. Don’t confuse Zoiper 2.0™ with Zoiper Communicator™ as the latter is a little bit complicated.  Zoiper 2.0™ is a simple softphone and perfect for computers with little memory on board, as it doesn’t hog resources like the other softphones.

Zoiper 2.0™ allows for free download on Windows™, Linux™ or Mac™. Installation and set-up is a breeze. Follow the instructions below for quick set-up:


Click on options after running it for the first time.


Click on “Add new SIP account” and name the account. Click “OK.”


As usual, you just need to enter your OneSuite VoIP name, password and domain. Enter any preferred name for Caller ID name. Then click “OK.” Now you’re ready to make calls.

Domain: voip.onesuite.com

Username: Onesuite username-voip.onesuite.com

Password: Softphone password

Zoiper 2.0™ conferencing and voicemail features are only available on paid version. Voicemail feature is provider-dependent but OneSuite’s SuiteAdvantage does offer free voicemail feature. You can still retrieve voicemails on Zoiper 2.0™ by entering *0 and call button.


  • Comment Link Michael, tech guy Tuesday, 15 June 2010 07:00 posted by Michael, tech guy


    Can you elaborate where and when the error comes? Did you already installed the softphone? Do you see in the screen if you are logged in already?

  • Comment Link david Tuesday, 15 June 2010 02:32 posted by david

    Hello Help me here, it is telling registering error 503 . NO DNS RESULT..

    what do i do?

  • Comment Link david Tuesday, 15 June 2010 02:29 posted by david

    Hello Help me here, it is telling NO DNS RESULT..

    what do i do?

  • Comment Link Michael, tech guy Tuesday, 30 March 2010 18:37 posted by Michael, tech guy


    Yes you should put 5060 on the port box to be able to log in. Anything else on that port box will give you an error or it will just time out.

  • Comment Link Rick Monday, 29 March 2010 16:19 posted by Rick

    can't seem to log in. it shows register error 408. request timeout. I input the password and did everything like it shows but it's not logging me in. should I put the port # at 5060 like the picture? please help

  • Comment Link Tim Horton Friday, 12 June 2009 16:28 posted by Tim Horton

    Pangolin does not support Nokia Sybian phones.

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