27 Apr 2009

piggy_webBroadband Internet connections like DSL, Cable or Wi-Fi are very accessible nowadays. Today I want to share some tips on how to use your Internet to the fullest extent. Since you’re already paying for the bandwidth, you might as well maximize the usage to save on others. Here are some examples.

24 Apr 2009

coffee_machine_webOne way of perking up your work day is having a good cup of coffee.  Our office used to order large canisters of coffee grounds from office supply stores, and the receptionist would make a fresh pot of coffee everyday.  But it seemed like no one appreciated it and still strolled down the street to Starbucks™ and spent $3.00 for their daily doses.  Most of the time, they’d ask a couple of co-workers to go along.  By the time they got back it’s at least 20 minutes later, some may come back with various snacks from Famima!!™, some may come back with a new pair of shoes or a new gossip topic.  It became more than an issue with coffee taste but productivity issue with management.

23 Apr 2009

longdistanceloveMaintaining a long-distance relationship is never easy. My long-distance love affair with my wife began a few years ago when I became a senior business consultant and had to travel internationally on a regular basis. It went ok in the beginning but pretty soon my wife started complaining about not hearing from me often enough. So to compensate for those weeks that I’m not at home, I make it to a point to call her everyday, even if that means a couple of hundred dollars more on my phone bill.

22 Apr 2009

bestphoneservicesIf you are like most people, when it comes to long-distance calling, you dial from your home phone and always try to cut the conversation short. Major phone carriers usually bundle their long-distance with local service, but the international rates are so high, long-distance calls always feel like a luxury.

21 Apr 2009

So…I just came back from a friend’s wedding in Cancun. It was a beautiful wedding, heartand Cancun was absolutely gorgeous.addemoticons10340  Can still feel the white sand and smell the sea breeze… See it for yourself:


20 Apr 2009


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