24 Jun 2013

How to Receive Cell Phone Calls Overseas Without Paying Hefty International Roaming Charges?

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International call forwarding

Everyone knows how expensive international roaming of North American wireless services can be, even when you’re just receiving calls or listening to voice mail overseas. For example, if you’re traveling to China, instead of getting charged around $2.00 per minute when you receive a roaming call, you will only pay $0.022 when your U.S. cell phone number is forwarded to a China local SIM using OneSuite Forwarding. That’s a 90% saving on international roaming!

So usually I advise frequent travelers, if you plan to stay at an overseas destination for a few days and requires a lot of local communication, the best way would be to obtain a local SIM for your unlocked cell phone. But that means you may miss some important calls on your U.S. or Canada cell phone, unless you tell everyone your travel itinerary and give out the overseas phone number(s) so people could call you internationally.

So the best solution is to use OneSuite International Call Forwarding to save on international roaming and stay connected. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to OneSuite Forwarding and select your N. America local phone number with your preferred area code
  2. From the “Phone Setting” of your cell phone or smartphone that contains the N. America SIM card, set “Call Forwarding” to your OneSuite Forwarding number. Usually, your phone will display a confirmation message or symbol once call forwarding has been successfully set up. Now, remove the N. America SIM from your phone and switch to your overseas SIM. IMPORTANT note on using cell phone’s native call forwarding feature: If your phone is turned off, the forwarded call WILL NOT be charged for airtime. “Call Forwarding” feature may not be available to some prepaid SIM, varied by wireless carrier.
  3. Then go to your OneSuite account and set your overseas SIM number as OneSuite Forwarding destination.
  4. Now, when people call your U.S. or Canada cell phone number, the call will be forwarded to the prepaid SIM you purchase in Europe or Asia, or Any other overseas destinations.

There! So instead of being afraid to break the bank when you receive a call overseas, your forwarded calls will only be charged at the super low OneSuite International Forwarding rates!

As for calling home or other international destinations while you’re traveling overseas, you know what to do! Use OneSuite International Access on local SIM in 20+ countries or OneSuite Broadband or Wi-Fi Access worldwide from PC, tablets, or smartphones!

Happy Travels!


  • Comment Link Jonathan Wednesday, 06 May 2015 06:40 posted by Jonathan

    Is it possible to set up call forwarding if you already having two existing numbers? For example, I am on vacation in Israel and have a local number here, and would like to forward any incoming calls to my American cell phone to my Israeli number while out of the US.

  • Comment Link Larry, SOHO Owner Friday, 17 April 2015 16:49 posted by Larry, SOHO Owner

    @Pete. Yes, You may subscribe a US number from OneSuite Forwarding and forward calls to your France SIM. It will just be a US local call for your customers. And yes, your France SIM number will still work.

  • Comment Link Pete Thursday, 09 April 2015 12:30 posted by Pete

    I live in France and use an iPhone with a French SIM card. Can I get a US number forwarded to my French SIM so that customers from the US can call a US number? If so, will my French number still work too? Thanks!

  • Comment Link Steve, Constant Traveler Tuesday, 24 March 2015 15:22 posted by Steve, Constant Traveler

    @Farida, No, you don't need to have the overseas SIM purchased before you depart, but you will need to set up the forwarding on your local cell phone to OneSuite Forwarding number while you have signal.

  • Comment Link Farida Tuesday, 17 February 2015 08:37 posted by Farida

    Do I have to already purchased an oversea's prepaid SIM number before leaving the US?

    OR this is something I can set it up when I am in Asia(after purchasing the prepaid number there) by following your instruction and set up Call Forwarding on my Android?

    Thank you

  • Comment Link Steve, Constant Traveler Friday, 16 January 2015 13:36 posted by Steve, Constant Traveler

    Hi Van, OneSuite Fowarding works any type of phones; it doesn't have to be a smartphone or unlocked. Essentially, we're only forwarding calls from one phone number to another.

    So the answer to your question is "yes". Hope this helps!

  • Comment Link van chan Tuesday, 23 December 2014 16:38 posted by van chan

    what if my US/Canada is an iphone and the sim card I buy in Asia is regular sim card that does not work with IPhone?
    Also, can I use my unlocked phone and use local sim card but transfer my CAN US iphone number to the unlocked (not smart phone) phone?

  • Comment Link Stella, Penny Saver Friday, 16 August 2013 10:06 posted by Stella, Penny Saver

    Hi Felicity,

    To answer your question here, yes, it should work. As long as the caller ID get passed by the carrier, it should show up at the forwarding destination.

  • Comment Link Felicity Friday, 16 August 2013 07:36 posted by Felicity

    Will caller ID still work? I mean, if friends call my U.S. cell phone number, will I be able to see their caller ID on my phone with foreign sim card?

  • Comment Link Larry, SOHO Owner Monday, 15 July 2013 11:19 posted by Larry, SOHO Owner

    Hi Walter,

    You could go to your cell phone settings and look for Call Forwarding setting. It's usually located under Call or Voicemail settings. You will see options like "Always Forward", "Forward when busy", "Forward when not answered" and by default, they are set up to forward to your voicemail.

    As for the prepaid SIM card, you could usually get them at the airport; or, you could always search online to locate a retail store.

    If you have problem setting up forwarding on your cell phone, please submit your cell phone model and let us help!

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Comment Link Larry, SOHO Owner Monday, 15 July 2013 11:08 posted by Larry, SOHO Owner

    Hi Bill,

    It depends on your wireless plan. If it covers calling and receiving in America, then you are good to go. If not, you might want to follow the suggested procedure including switching to an America SIM card.

    Have a good trip!

  • Comment Link Walter Marinetti Sunday, 14 July 2013 18:41 posted by Walter Marinetti

    what and where is the "native cell phonecall forwarding feature?
    It sounds like you have to get the SIM card after you are in the country you're visiting. Do you know of a place on Prince Edward Island, Canada that will sell you a SIM card?

  • Comment Link Bill Sunday, 14 July 2013 17:32 posted by Bill

    What if I am living in Canada and travelling to the U.S.? Would the procedure be the same except not removing the NA sim card?

  • Comment Link Steve, Constant Traveler Friday, 12 July 2013 11:18 posted by Steve, Constant Traveler

    Hi Diana,

    To get this to work when traveling abroad, you will need to a) subscribe to OneSuite Forwarding and b) purchase an oversea prepaid SIM.

    1. Go to your OneSuite account and set up your oversea SIM number as the forwarding destination.

    2. Before you switch to the oversea SIM, forward your U.S./Canada cell phone number to the subscribed OneSuite Forwarding number, using the native cell phone call forwarding feature.

    3. When people call your U.S./Canada cell phone number, the call will be forwarded to the oversea SIM, based on the super low OneSuite Forwarding rates.

    So you will be able to receive calls from abroad with no international roaming charges from your wireless carrier!

    Hope this helps!

  • Comment Link diana mendez Thursday, 11 July 2013 20:35 posted by diana mendez

    I know its simple but I'm still confused as to what needs to be done

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