26 Jun 2013

SuiteAdvantage and IP Phone Configuration - Cisco SPA303

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We recently received a comment on the blog requesting for help to configure OneSuite SuiteAdvantage with his Cisco IP phone. This tutorial here is geared to the new and unfamiliar user who has just acquired their Cisco IP phone and those who are thinking about getting one.

The Cisco SIP based IP phone has a vast array of configuration settings that are user (admin) configurable and fortunately most of the default settings will work right out of the box, with OneSuite SuiteAdventage. The point of this tutorial is to guide you through the essential setting changes required on one of the basic models, Cisco SPA303.

Here I am configuring the SPA303 from scratch, on Line-1 (Ext1), with SuiteAdvantage:


  1. Connect your SPA303 with Internet, using its Ethernet port marked SW. Once connected, press the Setup button then press 9 to review your Network and Current IP.
  2. Go to the SPA303 web interface by entering the above IP address into your Web Browser.
  3. By default, you will land on and view the "Info" page, in "Basic" view. Click on "Admin login" at upper right and enter admin/admin for username/password.
  4. Once logged in as admin, click on "advanced" at upper right to get to the advanced view. And click on the Phone tab.


Under "General"

  1. Station Name & Station Display Name = Name to identify the station; appears on the LCD screen on phone models that have a display. You can use spaces in this field and the name does not have to be unique. If both the Station Display Name and Station Name fields are populated, the Station Display Name will be used.
  2. Voicemail Number = *0 (So you can press the Voicemail button to check your voicemail)
  3. Under "Line Key 1"

  4. Short Name = A short label shown on the LCD display for line key 1, it could be your name or any other name you’d like to display.


Under "General"

  1. Line Enable = Yes

Under "Call Feature Settings"

  1. Message Waiting = Yes
  2. Voicemail Server = (Your SuiteAdvantage number)@voip.onesuite.com (i.e. 12136668888@voip.onesuite.com)
  3. Under "Proxy and Registration"

  4. Proxy = voip.onesuite.com
  5. Outbound proxy = voip.onesuite.com

Under "Subscriber Information"

  1. Display Name = Display name for caller ID, you can enter your name in this box.
  2. User ID = Your OneSuite VoIP account ID (i.e. if you OneSuite username is Sam, please enter sam-voip.onesuite.com)
  3. Password = Your OneSuite VoIP password
  4. Use Auth ID = Yes
  5. Auth ID = same as User ID
  6. Under "Audio Configuration"

  7. Preferred Codec = G711u
  8. Second preferred codec = G711u
  9. Third preferred codec = G711u

Before exiting the web administration pages, I recommend that you go back and review all settings and changes just to confirm that all values were entered correctly and saved. When done, scroll down to the bottom and click Submit All Changes. Your Cisco phone will then reboot and be ready for calls.

Enjoy your new Cisco IP phone!


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