17 Apr 2009

voip-globe11Long-distance calling has come a long way. The technology has evolved from the day you would instantly recognize a long-distance call by its hiss. As a techie, I always leverage new technology for convenience and economical purposes. So when it comes to communication, I also take advantage of what the VoIP technology has to offer.

16 Apr 2009

postage_stamps United States Postal Service is increasing postage cost again.  Effective May 11, 2009, first-class mail under one ounce will be increased from 42¢ to 44¢.  So it might save you some costs to consider alternative ways to communicate with your customers instead of mailing, make payments online, instead of sending checks.  Not that I want my mailman to get laid off or anything…but businesses need to survive too.

15 Apr 2009


So everybody knows I’m good at finding great deals. In calling cards, that means free talk time. I’ve always known OneSuite has a referral program called SuiteTreat, but never bothered to try, until I got my first bonus when I helped my cousin sign up a OneSuite account a few months ago. We both got $1.00 for her $20 signup. I decided to give it a shot.

14 Apr 2009

communications_worlwideVoIP meets travelers Unlike a regular 9-to-5er, I travel a lot for my work. As I travel from country to country over the years, I’m finding this statement to be more and more true: the world is flat. What I’m feeling is beyond the tangible – I can expect the same taste of my Starbucks™ macchiato in Beijing or in Sydney, Australia. On the emotional level, though, I do feel connected with my circle even when I’m physically far away, thanks to the modern technology which makes communication so easy and affordable.

13 Apr 2009

accountingA recent audit report published by Deputy Inspector General for Audit titled “Controls Over Employee Telephone Calling Cards Are Insufficient to Identify Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” disclosed that as of February 2008, the IRS had issued approximately 34,000 telephone calling cards to its employees.  Between October 2005 and April 2008, approximately $8.4 million was charged to telephone calling cards held by IRS employees.  However, the IRS has not established effective controls to identify and address improper use of these cards, and the control weaknesses are the same weaknesses we identified in Fiscal Year 2004. 

08 Apr 2009

mobile_phone_and_dollarI’ve been using VoIP here and there for a few years…mostly to chat with my high school pals back in Shanghai. I’m more of a cell phone gal…don’t like to talk to PC too much. But the incident last summer made me seriously consider getting a VoIP number.

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