05 Jun 2009

softphoneOut of 20 or so softphones I’ve tested, I’m only recommending four that I consider keepers. Zoiper 2.0™ is the last but not the least. Don’t confuse Zoiper 2.0™ with Zoiper Communicator™ as the latter is a little bit complicated.  Zoiper 2.0™ is a simple softphone and perfect for computers with little memory on board, as it doesn’t hog resources like the other softphones.

03 Jun 2009

business_announcement_webEver tried to coordinate an event and needed to call a bunch of people for schedule or venue updates when email wasn’t an option?  It can sometimes be a pain to keep repeating after yourself and time consuming. The new SuiteAdvantage Message Broadcasting feature will now save you a lot of hassle.

01 Jun 2009

softphoneMy last couple of blog entries were about alternative softphones to OneSuite SJ phone. A softphone is a computer program you use for making phone calls over the Internet. Note that all these free softphones I’ve introduced on the blogs are different from service-based softphones.

28 May 2009

softphoneGet your headphone ready and let’s continue with the softphone series. In my opinion, these free softphones offer similar standard features, but you get better quality on some and added features on others. There are four softphones that I would recommend downloading. Last week I wrote about X-lite™ and today I will talk about SJphone™ from SJ Labs.

26 May 2009

hidden_fees_webBefore I defected to PC calling, I used to buy phone cards from local grocery stores to place some long-distance or international calls. Oddly enough, for my supposedly 500-minute calling card, some weekly 10-15 minute calls would eat up the card in just a couple of weeks. It’s only after I worked for OneSuite, did I learn that most calling cards have different fees and hidden charges calculated to consume your minutes in no time.

21 May 2009

softphoneEarly this year I decided to try several free softphones that can be downloaded from the Internet for OneSuite VoIP service. OneSuite does offer a free softphone from SJ Labs™, but just in case you are interested in third-party softphones, here’s how to set up. Please keep in mind though, that OneSuite only provides support to OneSuite-labeled softphone.

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