25 Jun 2009

import_fax12Following the blog entry about fax broadcasting, I thought it’d also benefit OneSuite users to know how to import external address books into your fax driver OSFX. This can save you lots of time and hassle especially if you have hundreds of contacts saved in your program. No need to retype all the information. Five minutes and you’re done! This will make it even easier to broadcast fax.

23 Jun 2009


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18 Jun 2009

mailbox_webIf you are like most people in the business world, then every day we race time to finish all the work and get our tasks done. One way of getting more time on our side is to properly manage it and take advantage of modern-day technology like Voicemail. I know I have. When I’m traveling away from home base, OneSuite’s SuiteAdvantage picks up all my messages.

15 Jun 2009

osfxFax broadcasting over the Internet is a great feature. Just ask my assistant. I remember she shaking her head over the task of faxing a short manual to a group of contacts when I handed it over just a minute before lunch break was due. She’s now thankful that group faxing is available in OneSuite Fax service, because not only does it save her the hassles of dealing with fax machines, but she can now send faxes to all the business contacts all over the world, just within a few clicks.

10 Jun 2009


Organizing a church event? Study group? Family dinner? Trying to call everyone for a soccer practice? Or announcing the time and date for a make-up class? Reminders? Time is money! Wouldn’t it be great if you can broadcast your message, without having to make multiple calls?

08 Jun 2009

voicemail_webYour voicemails can do wonders for you. If used effectively, a voicemail can be the surest and quickest way to make a good impression in various circumstances. However, not everyone can master the voicemail etiquette and take full advantage of the extended features. Here are a few tips on such things as greetings, responding to voicemails and sending/broadcasting your own voice messages using OneSuite’s VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage.

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