Larry, SOHO Owner

Larry, SOHO Owner

Meet Larry, 40-year-old father of two. Larry was president of a privately owned import/export company before joining OneSuite as our head of general affairs. Larry embraces new technology and new ideas, and absolutely admires entrepreneurship. If you want to talk business, Larry is your guy.

You know how to register your phone numbers and make calls through OneSuite easily. And if you are one those who call their loved ones overseas once a week (if not once a day), you will also be happy to learn how to create local numbers for your international contacts and dial it from your registered phones.

Or set this up for anyone whom you think dialing international calls is a challenging task, like your parents or grandparents.

Perhaps you've fumbled with bewildering instructions on a foreign phone or accidentally run up a $500 phone bill with a few innocent calls home from a hotel in Europe.

If not, you don’t have to learn the hard way that you could easily use OneSuite as an international phone card to make cheap calls while on the road.

How to use OneSuite without Internet  - Register Your PhonesBy registering your cell phone number, and saving OneSuite access number as speedial onto your cell phone, making a OneSuite call will be as easy as 123.

Best for: Making frequent international calls but to sporadic destinations

Type of Phones: Cell phone, landline

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 15:15

How to use OneSuite with internet

Thanks to our super low VoIP rates and the nature of BYOD service, OneSuite is the most flexible and affordable way for you to call worldwide over the internet. Read on and pick the most suitable way(s) for you to use OneSuite VoIP.

Once the app or device is registered with OneSuite, then start dialing, no matter where you are!

International call forwarding

Everyone knows how expensive international roaming of North American wireless services can be, even when you’re just receiving calls or listening to voice mail overseas. For example, if you’re traveling to China, instead of getting charged around $2.00 per minute when you receive a roaming call, you will only pay $0.022 when your U.S. cell phone number is forwarded to a China local SIM using OneSuite Forwarding. That’s a 90% saving on international roaming!

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