25 Nov 2009

call-family_webJust want to leave a friendly reminder. It's turkey day tomorrow. Please remember to call your friends and family on the special day, and travel safely. :) If your loved ones are overseas, please take advantage of OneSuite's low international rates for long-distance calls. If you are in Canada, you'd be glad to know that OneSuite just added 34 local access numbers in Canada for cheapest long-distance calling. Make sure to check them out! If you're a new sign-up, using OneSuite's promo code will give you 5% bonus. Here's how it works. Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!!

05 Nov 2009

hybrid_phone_cardThe idea of hybrid is to combine the benefits of two or more different things for achieving one specific objective. Hybrid is definitely a buzzword in the modern day. We have Hybrid cars, Hybrid plants, Hybrid vocabulary, Hybrid computers, Hybrid mobile phones… Just like a Swiss knife. By bringing one Swiss knife, you are essentially carrying a dozen of tools with you. Now even with OneSuite, what you’re getting is more than long distance calling.

26 Oct 2009



Would you like to travel overseas and still be reached by a U.S. or Canada number? And avoid the high international roaming charge from you wireless service provider when you’re abroad? With OneSuite Forwarding, you can affordably subscribe a local number at $2.95/month, to forward all your calls to any international destination. This way, callers can reach you at local-call cost, and the forwarding rates are incredibly low.

07 Oct 2009

osfw_cellphoneHave you used a call forwarding service? Well I haven't until recently when I subscribed to OneSuite Forwarding service. You see I always travel in and out of the country. My job requires constant travel to Asia and Europe and I usually activate roaming on my mobile phone before but the high cost prompts me to always look for better alternatives. Mobile roaming is very expensive. Calls at $2 a minute are pretty normal.

30 Sep 2009

cut_ratesHow Can OneSuite Call Forwarding Assist Your Business Growth? Series II

Toll-Free customer service is a double-edged sword. You want to provide it to your customers so they won’t hesitate to contact you, generating more business opportunities and offering better service. On the other hand, the more your customers call you, the higher your operating expense becomes. Got a solution?

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