13 Oct 2011

(In case you missed it, OneSuite recently opened a spin-off deal site: OneSweet Store!)

We get excited over many things at OneSuite, and so far on the blog, you might think it’s limited to geeking out over things telecom or bargains!deals!savings! So you might be surprised we have a few fashionistas on our team as well.

And with their help, we’re going to introduce: 1 scarf, infinite ways to wear it! With this week’s OneSweet Store deal, fall’ and winter’s most versatile trend can also become your bargain buy to create infinite looks with just one accessory piece.

07 Sep 2011

Softphone ATA or IP PhoneDigital phone, Internet phone, VoIP, it’s all the same thing. And you can get it right here at OneSuite for a ridiculously low price, without binding contracts!

The most “advantageous” part of using SuiteAdvantage is BYOD – bring your own device! Sounds like a party? It is, because you get to have fun and choose.

Based on your calling habits and planned budget, you can choose from our suggested usage methods:

01 Sep 2011

Like us on Facebook to get 10% bonus for sign-up and recharge

We are offering 10% Bonus for Sign-up and Recharge to celebrate this new school year! To get the bonus code for you and your loved ones, all you've got to do is:

Click the "Like" button below, or share this deal with your friends by clicking the "Send" button.


18 Jul 2011

In case you haven’t heard, we just opened a weekly deal store, up to 90% discount on novelty items, wireless accessories, fashion accessories, and everyday gifts. Check out our store-opening spotlight item: Plunger Sucker Handheld Device

Also, find out about your special rebate at 1Sweet Store!


13 Jul 2011

Come celebrate the grand opening of our 1Sweet Store with us and double your savings! You’re already saving up to 90% with OneSuite telecom services, now you can save up to another 90% on everyday items such as fashion accessories, communication gadgets, or electronic goods at our new online discount store.

06 Jul 2011

I didn’t know that!

But it’s true, OneSuite doesn’t just give you great cheap international calling, we offer so much more as well.

And that’s why we’re here to give you a lightening fast 90 sec run down of what other telecom services we offer. Here’s the video! (Feel free to share our amazing pricing with your friends!)

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