18 Nov 2011

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Enter to win! OneSuite's facebook photo contest

OneSuite’s 1 Sweet Day Facebook photo contest kicks off today!

We’ve been lucky to help you make calls the world over. And now, we’d like to celebrate sweet days the world over, with your favorite photos.

Enter and you could win 1-year of free calling with a friend, anywhere in the world, plus 2 free Cisco IP phones. See how…

Upload & Enter

  • Visit our Facebook Fan Page to see the current photo topic,
  • “Like” OneSuite to upload your photo and enter!

Get Votes: Invite & Share with Friends

Make sure you get the most votes by inviting and sharing your entry to 1 Sweet Day photo contest:

1. Invite friends:

  • after you submit your photo, you will be prompted to invite friends
  • you can also invite friends by clicking on the “Invite friends!” link on the photo contest main page

2. Share on your wall

  • after you submit your photo, click on the “Share” link next to the submit button
  • you can also invite friends by clicking on the “Share to your wall” link on the photo contest main page

You can win:

  • Bi-weekly Prizes: hot items from OneSweet Store!
  • Bi-monthly Grand Prize: 2 FREE 1-year subscriptions to OneSuite VoIP Service, SuiteAdvantage.

Not clear on all the details? See official rules for more.

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