01 Jul 2013

Happy traveling, savvy calling…and vice versa

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Happy traveling, savvy calling…and vice versa

Want to stay connected without going broke this travel season? No matter where you go, with or without Internet, OneSuite offers unbeatable low rates and worldwide coverage for you to reach friends, family and colleagues.

All OneSuite users can use the following methods to make call worldwide, subscription-free. SuiteAdvantage subscribers will also be able to receive FREE calls and voicemail worldwide on their SuiteAdvantage phone number, using the OneSuite VoIP app or computer softphone!

Hooray Internet!

  • Use smartphone/tablet – Install and set up OneSuite VoIP app on your iPhone/iPad/Android and you will be able to make calls worldwide over Wi-Fi/3G/4G in no time!
  • Use computer – Install and set up OneSuite Phone on your PC or Mac to get started calling from your computer anywhere in the world where you have Internet connection.

No Internet? No problem!

  • Use smartphone – You can still make quick and easy calls with OneSuite Mobile Dialer app installed (iPhone/Android/Blackberry). Simply switch to a local SIM card and, update the access number settings with OneSuite International Access Numbers in your app settings.
  • Use any other phones – Don’t forget, you can always use your OneSuite account like a prepaid international phone card. This means, you can dial OneSuite International Access Numbers from any phone to make a call when abroad.

Most of all, we'd encourage you to get off the grid and have a little fun while traveling. And when it comes time to connect, have your OneSuite account ready before dialing. So you can say bye-bye to roaming fees, hello to happy calling!

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