27 May 2014

How to keep my home phone number if I move?

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How to keep my home phone number if I move?You like the idea of keeping your phone number, either when you move, or cancel current phone service; but are concerned about the process, the cost, or whether there would be a glitch along the way?

The truth is: you can take full control of your phone number by porting it to OneSuite. Better yet, number porting is simple, easy and FREE with OneSuite!

By porting in your home phone number and signing up OneSuite VoIP for just $2.95/month, you will be able to:

  1. Receive unlimited calls and make calls at our super low rates wherever you are
    OneSuite VoIP allows you to port your old number in, and make and receive calls at any registered device worldwide. Your friends and family can still call you as if it were a local call. They'll save money and you'll save yourself trouble at the same time.
  2. Make and receive calls from your smartphone, laptop, or a regular phone set
    Whether you want to keep your old phone set, or call from your smartphone/tablet, there’s a way to do it with OneSuite VoIP.
    ► See how to use OneSuite with Internet
  3. Receive unlimited voicemail, and set up voicemail to email
    Aside from email, you can also retrieve your voicemail from OneSuite VoIP app, softphone, or any phone, so you will never miss a message again!
    ► See how to access my voicemail
  4. Subscribe to a secondary number that rings to your primary OneSuite line, for additional $1.95/month
    OneSuite offers Virtual Phone Numbers that cover many U.S./Canada area codes — they’re inexpensive secondary numbers that ring to your primary OneSuite line. You can establish a Virtual Phone Number wherever your loved ones live, so they can call you for the price of a local call. Or establish a Virtual Phone Number in your new area after the move.
    Learn more about Virtual Phone Number
  5. There’s no set up fees, no hidden fees. No contract!
    And you can always take your number with you if you decide to leave.


  • Comment Link Steve, Constant Traveler Tuesday, 25 November 2014 14:10 posted by Steve, Constant Traveler

    Hi CS Wu and J.P Duchange, you could port your home phone number to OneSuite SuiteAdvantage, then you could download OneSuite VoIP app on your smartphone to make and receive calls or access voice mails. Here are more info on number transfer and our VoIP app. http://onesuite.com/faq/onesuite-suiteadvantage/features/transfer-existing-phone-number

  • Comment Link cs wu Tuesday, 25 November 2014 07:48 posted by cs wu

    YES, I am interested this topic: drop my home phone land line using my cell phone or ONESUITE VOIP but I have no internet at home.

    Pls instruct me how to do it. I will pay $2.95/mo

    The reason that I want to do it, as my home phone receives too many junk or commercial calls.

  • Comment Link J.P Duchange Thursday, 06 November 2014 06:54 posted by J.P Duchange

    I am leaving to France by the middle of Dec.
    How can I keep my number in the States and keep on dialing from France or others Europeans countries?

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