02 May 2014

Obihai ATA Auto Configuration Updates for OneSuite Customers

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Obihai ATA Auto Configuration Updates for OneSuite Customers

I wrote about how to configure an OBi device with SuiteAdvantage a while ago; although the instruction itself was comprehensible, it still required users to manually fill in all information to get an OBi device successfully configured.

The good news is…not anymore!

OneSuite users can now automatically configure an OBi device via OBiTalk.com, and start making calls using their original phone set even without subscribing to SuiteAdvantage!

Here's how:

  1. Log into OBiTalk.com
    *New OBi users please follow the instruction at OBiTalk.com to register your device. Or refer to this blog post, “SuiteAdvantage and ATA configuration - OBi100” for device registration.

    Log into OBiTalk.com
  2. Go to Approved Service Providers in the left menu

    Go to Approved Service Providers in the left menu
  3. Select OneSuite

    Select OneSuite
  4. On the OneSuite page, select the device and slot you’d like to configure
  5. Click “Restore an existing OneSuite account” to log into your OneSuite account

    Sign up at OneSuite.com
  6. That’s it! Your device will be automatically configured once you log into OneSuite.com. You will see a confirmation message saying “OBi device #{your device number}, successfully configured.

    Device auto configuration

All OneSuite users could follow the above instruction to automatically configure an OBi device for making broadband calls. SuiteAdvantage subscribers will also be able to receive free unlimited incoming calls and access voicemail by dialing *0 from the connected phone set.

For more information about OBi device configuration, please see our FAQ.

Don’t have an ATA?

If you don’t currently own an ATA we recommend purchasing an OBi device to use with your current phone set and take advantage of our low cost BYOD (bring your own device) service. OBi devices can be purchased at Amazon.com. Upon receiving your new OBi you can follow the above instruction for auto configuration.

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