Michael, Tech Guy

Michael, Tech Guy

Meet Michael, a 32-year-old IT specialist from Northern California. Michael is passionate about new technology, and always starts his office routine by browsing CNET and ZDNet first thing in the morning. A fervent blogger, Michael will also share lots of tips with you techies out there.

Monday, 27 April 2009 04:31

Maximize Internet Usage for Savings

piggy_webBroadband Internet connections like DSL, Cable or Wi-Fi are very accessible nowadays. Today I want to share some tips on how to use your Internet to the fullest extent. Since you’re already paying for the bandwidth, you might as well maximize the usage to save on others. Here are some examples.

Friday, 17 April 2009 05:22

6 Don’ts on Choosing the VoIP Provider

voip-globe11Long-distance calling has come a long way. The technology has evolved from the day you would instantly recognize a long-distance call by its hiss. As a techie, I always leverage new technology for convenience and economical purposes. So when it comes to communication, I also take advantage of what the VoIP technology has to offer.

Sunday, 05 April 2009 21:20

What Can a Dollar Do for You?

dollar_bill Admit it, we all want the best and newest gadgets packed with tons of features that will fit into one small device. That has become more of a norm right now, as technology advances, but it also drives me crazy just comparing the pros and cons of products. Decision, decision, decision…

Monday, 03 August 2009 04:03

Submit Your ATA Model, Let Us Help!


Since we published our blog article “Making VoIP Calls with Home Phone - ATA Configuration,” many readers emailed us with questions and inquiries about using their own ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) devices. Some readers have ATAs (Motorola, Linksys and D-link) from Vonage and ask if they are compatible with OneSuite, while some were looking for recommendations on which ATA works best with OneSuite’s broadband phone service.

phone_saving_webIn time of tough economy, companies are tightening their belts to cut operating cost. Reducing expenditure on overhead is a vital undertaking. Long-distance expense is a place to start. By choosing a good service provider, you’ll spend a lot less without sacrificing the quality of communication. The following are tips on how to choose the best alternative long-distance service for your business:

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