27 Mar 2009

How to Maximize Cell Phone Airtime

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Obviously you’re using prepaid phone cards to save on long-distance and international calls, so I thought I’d pass on some tips on getting the most bangs out of your bucks. If you’re dialing from a house phone with the phone card, yes compared with long-distance bills from the local carrier, you’re saving a lot, especially if you use a OneSuite local access number.


If you’re calling from a cell phone with a monthly plan, however, it gets tricky because you may end up spending more with the overage charges. Luckily, there are some ways to work around the monthly plans and airtime:

  • If your mobile plan includes nationwide whenever minutes, always use a local access number because it offers OneSuite’s lowest rates.
  • Try to call during weekends and weeknights for unlimited airtime;
  • Or if you’re with T-mobile like me, save a OneSuite local access number in your Fave 5, so these calls won’t take up any airtime.

Other than that, I also download the OneSuite softphone to make calls from my laptop, so I almost always get the best rates. Hey, whatever can save me a buck or two :)

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