13 Apr 2009

If IRS Employees Abuse Phone Cards, So Would Yours

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accountingA recent audit report published by Deputy Inspector General for Audit titled “Controls Over Employee Telephone Calling Cards Are Insufficient to Identify Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” disclosed that as of February 2008, the IRS had issued approximately 34,000 telephone calling cards to its employees.  Between October 2005 and April 2008, approximately $8.4 million was charged to telephone calling cards held by IRS employees.  However, the IRS has not established effective controls to identify and address improper use of these cards, and the control weaknesses are the same weaknesses we identified in Fiscal Year 2004. 

For example, the limited analysis of telephone calling card billing records identified that from June 2007 through June 2008, the IRS incurred charges of approximately $59,000 for improper telephone calls made between the United States and various foreign countries on a single calling card.  Effective controls over telephone calling cards are critical to the IRS’ ability to ensure accountability and timely identify and address waste, fraud, and abuse.

If IRS employee abuses phone card usage, so would employees at any company.  Yes…it’s not fair for IRS to spend the tax payers’ money like this. So here’s a tip for IRS and you smart business owners out there to gain control on your long distance bill and avoid any abuse:  OneSuite Business.

OneSuite Business is an administrator’s tool to manage up to 999 sub-accounts, where the sub-accounts could use OneSuite’s prepaid long distance service, and also subscribe to OneSuite Internet Fax Services, and VoIP Services. OneSuite Business comes with a FREE Report Center which allows the administrator to generate customized reports on sub-accounts' activities, such as balance, subscription status, call history and transaction history. Run the reports whenever, or schedule the reports to be emailed to the administrator daily, weekly, or monthly.  And the reports can be imported into a spreadsheet.

It appears that IRS uses AT&T™ calling cards, and it’s known that OneSuite rates are at least 60% lower than AT&T™ long distance rates.  If IRS would sign up OneSuite Business, effective budget control management will be in place immediately, costs per call will also be lowered by default, and wouldn’t need to spend more money to audit or perform reviews.  Furthermore, they’d make us citizens much happier, and we’d probably be paying less tax.


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  • Comment Link Hank Monday, 13 April 2009 06:54 posted by Hank

    What a great idea. But our government is too sophisticated (or they think they are) to use such a brilliant suggestion as this. Especially the team that is now in control out there!

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