25 Sep 2009

Portable Business for Company Size of 1-3

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How Can OneSuite Call Forwarding Assist Business Growth? Series I Businesses are always trying to find new ways to increase their business opportunities and increase bottom line.  I think OneSuite Forwarding is just one of those great services that can assist you to achieve just that.  So I’ve decided to start sharing my ideas through this blog series.

If you’re a consultant, independent contractor, or a small online business owner who works out of a home office or small office, you’re probably out visiting clients or running errands frequently.  It would be important for you to remain accessible at all times to receive customer or new business inquiries when you’re off-site.  Here’s how you could set up a portable business or increase business mobility when you subscribe to OneSuite Forwarding Service:

1. One Number for AllSelect a US or Canada local number ($2.95/month), then you could easily change where the number rings to instantly: landline or cell phone, SuiteAdvantage or OneSuite Fax, from your OneSuite My Account anytime.  You can even be traveling overseas, and it will only cost you peanuts.  To give you an idea, at OneSuite, the rates for these forwarding destinations are: U.S. 2.5¢, Canada 1.9¢, UK 2.2¢, Germany 3¢, China 2.2¢ per minute, when your customers call you.

2. Customer Friendly Toll-Free NumberSelect a Toll-Free number, then you can receive calls from the US or Canada.  It’s more customer-friendly, as it’s no cost for them to call, and some may even have the impression that only larger companies offer toll-free customer service. 

3. Toll-Free SuiteAdvantage – When you’re not available to receive calls or after business hours, you can pair up our call forwarding service with our VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage, which offers FREE voicemail and FREE incoming calls.  Then you could retrieve your messages via phone, web, email, or softphone.  

4. Toll-Free OneSuite FAX – If you’re already using our OneSuite Fax service, you can now offer toll-free fax by pairing the two services, or port your existing toll-free number to OneSuite now and start receiving unlimited incoming fax in your email anywhere, anytime! 

When you increase your accessibility to your customers at a low cost, you’re extending your customer welcome mat by a mile long.  Your customer acquisition and maintenance costs can be reduced significantly.  Most importantly, you’re keeping your monthly subscription fees to the minimum, and the usage…you only pay as you grow!

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